Who's the rude one?

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December 18, 2011 8:01am CST
Hey mylotters, I've got some family members who aren't on good terms with me right now and yes I did tell my parents what they did but my parents can't do nothing about it. Okay, people were having a senior birthday party upstairs and they were all being drunk and rowdy. I have work at 3AM - it's their house and all... But I needed my sleep and I was ready to snap. So I kept my cool and asked them nicely to please keep it down. But the crappy thing was, they continued to become more louder when I asked... And being a short fuse that I am, I went psycho slammed my door screamed my head off, consulted my boyfriend who's living away for college and all he did was feel sorry and told me to try to sleep by listening to the voice audios of his voice. Which worked... Right after I posted a complaint on my facebook since people were insulting my mom and disrespecting her. Then 5 days later an annoying relative of mine goes on my facebook wall after - scrolled down my pages just to type on my complaint "its my birthday, its my house, your mom loooks like a lunatic doing some fashion show, and you are disrespectful, & good luck to your adventure . (: " Which is really stupid since it's not her house and she's playing messenger for someone else who owns it... Scrolling down 3 pages of old stuff on facebook = DUDE YOU HAVE NO LIFE. I'm getting out of this place hoping my parents would have a nicer place to go after I leave. I wish the best for my mom and dad if my dad won't stop sucking up to his older brother like his older brother is black mailing him with stuff. But I hope my mom and my brother mainly would be okay. I'm jet setting it to the east coast to get away from these people. I didn't really wanna go for the sake of my 5 year old who loves me and misses me (cousin)... But I gotta do what I gotta do. I'll come back to the city in the end of June 2012 because I got some business to take care of. Then getting my own place with someone and settling down while not notifying my dad's side that I'm back. Only people who will know that I'm back would be mom's side, close friends, and my Ai-Kon family (Winnipeg Anime Convention Family). Yeah, I still can't believe people would stoop that low to diss someone on the internet! You're just hiding behind a machine or some hand held device! If you no likie me then come here say it to my face when Mr. Smiley guy's around then he'll have to restrain me from going all out psycho on you (mean relatives). But since this is the season of giving, and I'm in a really good mood. I'm looking around to find bags of coal since I'm not really in the mood to fight.
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18 Dec 11
It happens when combined family is living in a place. Each and every person has his/her own tasks to do. You did well and left the the place to live where you love to live. Keep yourself cool and make yourself able to live in any condition.
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@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
18 Dec 11
there are things that happen with which we do not want. often when they do, they take the best of our emotions. let us not make our emotions take the best of us. i admire your composure. please keep it that way. you will go places because of that trait.