If my dad was an ATM machine...

December 27, 2011 6:22am CST
Life would be so exciting if my dad was an ATM machine. I could buy whatever I would like to buy. There would be no restrictions on the money I would spend. I would buy all the latest gadgets and fill my wardrobe with a lot of branded clothes... If your dad was an ATM machine...what would you do???
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@MrGhost (550)
14 Apr 13
If my father were an ATM machine, I am sure he never allowed me to withdraw a single penny from it.
@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
13 Jan 13
For my kids and grandkids, i am always the ATM machine, debit card, credit card, because the money we earn, save is for our kids only, ultimately they get it.
@Ysabel (1202)
• Philippines
24 Sep 12
Nice thoughts you have there! I guess this could be everybody's wish! Is there a genie in the house? Just kidding! Anyway, I would definitely do the following immediately 1 withdraw from my dad enough money to splurge on tavels - hong kong, singapore and japan, for now! more countries to come then 2 buy an iphone 5, new ipad, and iphone 5 for my lovey 3 treat my best buddies for a buffet lunch 4 shopping, shopping and shopping! There could be a lot more as an atm seems to be endless source of money! ha ha!
@cher913 (25895)
• Canada
1 Mar 12
if your poor dad was an atm, you would never go off and discover things for yourself or learn how to make your own money.
@maharlikah (1045)
• Philippines
27 Dec 11
If dad was a an ATM machine I'd buy a life extender so that on the time he loses his breath I could use it to extend his life....and I wanna ask all the things that I need and I want in life. First is to travel around the world. Eat different kinds of food. Enjoy and laugh in the beach and.....everything that gives satisfaction to this borrowed life.
@heartbit (237)
• Philippines
27 Dec 11
if my dad is an atm machine, i will be able to go to different places, i have allowance and fare for travelling....also, i will buy a lot of clothes and shoes and flipflops. i will also buy the latest gadgets ofcourse. and also, i will treat my friends to try foods in different restaurants. lastly, i will save some money coz he might go offline anytime.