Tried to Play Yoyo?

December 27, 2011 8:40am CST
I had read that Yoyo was invented in the Philippines. I am very proud of it. I had played that thing when I was a child. I had learned also many yoyo tricks. It was highly enjoyable because you could play that thing alone. You can play it also indoors. My dear friends and fellow mylotters, had you tried playing yoyo? What can you say about it? Did you enjoy it?
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@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
9 Jan 12
I do have a yoyo when I was a child and have played with such. I would say that I have managed to do some good stunts with the yoyo before. My father thought me some since he was also good with yoyo. He worked before on a softdrink company and usually they have this yoyo's as give aways for their costumers. So at times he would play the yoyo and was able to teach me some tricks. I don't know if I can still do those tricks now since it was long ago.. But yes, I do love playing the yoyo....
@louievill (19925)
• Philippines
8 Jan 12
yo-yo in the Philippines has origins as a God it evolved into a toy that people enjoy
@dorannmwin (36698)
• United States
29 Dec 11
One of the things that I always thought was one of the best things about a yoyo is the fact that it is such a simple concept and yet it is something that can keep children entertained for hours on end. When I was growing up, my siblings and myself had several yoyos and there were many tricks that we were able to do with them. My own children, however, don't have any yoyos because of the fact that I believe that they would be too wild with them.
@youless (94247)
• Guangzhou, China
29 Dec 11
When I was a child, I tried to play yoyo. I found sometimes the yoyo would become popular suddenly. And many people are crazy to have it. I can't play it well. I just know the basic skills. I love China
• Philippines
28 Dec 11
Yoyo is one of the challenging toys I had when I was a kid. When I was 5, my older cousin would always show off his tricks, at first I was really happy because you get to those kind of tricks until it gets to the point where he is boasting a lot to my other cousins that made me less enjoy the way he plays it (not the toy). I thought that Yoyo is played to have fun and teach those who do not know the tricks, but it became a competition for them. After he showed me his cool tricks, I ask my father to buy me one for my birthday, he did buy me one, at first I was having a hard time controlling my arms, wrist and hand because the yoyo was too heavy for my small hands. Until I mastered the sleeper then I started doing other simple tricks, but when it came to the point where I had to learn how to do the loops, it took me months to master it, had my face full of bruises and bandages in my hands. But overall it was fun, I was really happy when I was able to do 50 loops for a 5 year old kid. All I can say is that, this toy was the reason why I am such a hard worker (at work and games) and it is fun to play with it .. Set it aside and after a few years it will become popular again. :)
@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
28 Dec 11
I did lay my hands on Yoyo. They are fun to play but you are going to need some practice in order to be able to play it. However, being able to play is nothing because when you see those professional players doing those amazing tricks, you would realize that you still have a long way to go. They have all kinds of tricks and they even name them too. If only some professional would teach me on some of those cool tricks.
• Australia
27 Dec 11
Hi! I played it when I was a child. And I was never good at it. I bought one, yep, only one. Most of my friends have 3 or 4. One of my friend have 7. Those yo-yos have different names and everything. It was kind of fun to play it. But I don't really like it. well, not a big fun
• Philippines
27 Dec 11
Yoyo is one of the best toys I've ever played. I enjoyed it especially the tricks. Many yoyos made from China like the Super Yoyo were once in demand in the malls a few years ago.