Lost my remote to my DVD. What do I do?

United States
December 28, 2011 5:21am CST
I am a techno-dummy. I lost the DVD remote. I can't watch DVD movies because I have no way to select between choices: "Play" "Extra Scenes" "Director's Dialogue" "Deleted Scenes" "Languages" -- Any suggestions? What do I do?
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@chillpill90 (1937)
28 Dec 11
If you look at the dvd player itself there are normally buttons on it at the front such as the play button so that when you put the dvd in and press this it should allow you to play this. This is meant to be for when the batteries in the remote run out but can also be used for when you lose a remote control.
@owlwings (39768)
• Cambridge, England
28 Dec 11
You can buy all-purpose remotes and you can buy a replacement remote for your particular machine and model. You should also be able to use the buttons on the DVD set to choose items from the menus. Check the manual for how to do this.