we have a lot of stray cats at home

@ajagogo (153)
December 28, 2011 7:33pm CST
According to the oldies, stray animals know the place where good people are. Its a compliment to us having so many stray cats and sometimes dogs swarming around our compound. But time pass that these stray cats seems already ours. They just don't go away anymore and its become annoying already.They were about 25 cats already. Some are our neighbors. Their bad smelling poo poos are anywhere! Most of them are male cats so we hate its wee wee too,anywhere they can wee wee. Male cats are fighting on the roof, damaging it. They were gross and destructive already.I told my uncle to catch them and put it on the sack and free them on the far rice field but he wont do it since the cats might scratch or bite him. Any suggestion to shoo them away?
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@_sketch_ (5709)
• United States
1 Jan 12
Find out who's feeding them and tell them to stop. lol. Most of the cats will probably not bite or scratch, but they have these cage traps that don't hurt the animals. I do not know where you live, so I don't know what kind of services are available there, but you could probably buy one or more of those and give them to a NO KILL shelter. If you contacted one and told them your situation, they might even have a cage to let you borrow or help you in some other way.
@ajagogo (153)
• Philippines
2 Jan 12
That's the negative part, we are all feeding them because we have no other pets to give our leftovers. We don't have that service here you mention and if we have, it will take a lot of time to apply for that, lol. Well maybe all we have to do is to be used to it. We have no choice.
@wolfie34 (26816)
• United Kingdom
6 Jan 12
Do you not have a Cat protection/rescue centre or Cat Welfare place you can call upon? In our country we have Animal Welfare organizations that you can call and they have specially trained animal handlers who can come and take the cats away and get them rehomed? Trouble is if you feed them they will never go, because they are onto a good thing, if there is food around they won't leave you alone and will see your home as an invite! Yes it is a compliment to you but in looking after them they will then hang around and mess and if they are neutered will be having kittens! Hope you get this problem sorted out.