A Friends Forever or a Broken Friendship?

January 2, 2012 8:47am CST
wooooooooooo!! Ijust can understand what I feel right now.,,.IM IN LOVE WITH MY BESTFRIEND!!! I know its veru common to all lovers, but still I do not know what to do.. I always think of her, I always smile when she is near.. I just thought she is just and ordinary best friend, but maybe Im just fall hard..in which I cant stand on my own.. Pls anyone help me which do I choose between Friendship or Lover?? My heart always said that Its time to tell her my feelings, but my mind always blocking it..help my Friends
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@madonna143 (1739)
• Philippines
5 Jan 12
If you are the person in your profile picture then I guess you would not have a problem to tell her that you like her! Your quite attractive yourself. Im just being frank. Nonetheless, they say looks does not matter, but sorry to say it does matter to a lot of people. Most people choose their mates first by attraction and the character only falls next. Have a nice day!
• United States
3 Jan 12
This reminds me of that show friendzone. You have to be careful because she may not share the same feelings, and it may ruin your friendship. On the other hand, she may feel the same way, and may have been waiting on you to tell her. If you are genuinely in love with her, you may want to tell her at some point for fear of never knowing what may have been. Good luck.
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
3 Jan 12
Yes, it is normal and why not tell her about your feelings as well. How will you ever know if the feeling is mutual. It is better you give it a try than regretting without telling her what you feel.
• India
2 Jan 12
Hi man.,dont tell it now..show your love through your actions.let her feel that you love her.if she likes it, tell her wht yu feel ,open yo hrt.else yu will lose yo beet friend.