Spring Festival comes ! Do you know this festival ?

January 3, 2012 7:36pm CST
Today is January 4, by convention, it's the first working day in 2012, it's so cold, only minus 2 degrees centigrade, but fortunately, it's also sunshiny. In China, we will meet our most important festival-Spring Festival, which equates to Christmas in Europe. Childen is happiest because they can earn the money from adults during this festival, all food we eat is most sumptuous in a year. Of course, we also have a long holiday for celebrating. In a sense, December 31 is the last day of every year in many countries, but in China, maybe it's not. We also call Spring Festival as Lunar New Year, but also China's oldest traditional festivals. How much do you know about China's Spring Festival? :)
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4 Jan 12
Ooh, I love celebrating the Spring Festival! My family is Chinese, and though most of them hold a grudge against me for not being pure Chinese, they'd occasionally invite me to their celebrations. The food was always one of my favorite parts (not that the good old receiving of money packets wasn't great, too). I don't really celebrate it anymore, though I might get a couple of decorations to hang up in the house for the time.