oh cmon, humanity is about to end and you are grumpy!

@jazel_juan (15767)
January 4, 2012 2:56am CST
Or its just how they perceive the Mayan's findings..that 2012 will be the end of humanity...(i hope not) and here she comes, New year and she is oh so grumpy! It is the start of the year and i vowed to myself, i will make this year the best, all smiles and positivity. The heck i would die smiling... and this co-employee of mine came to work on the FIRST DAY of work in 2012 all grumpy looking!! What the- are there really people who cannot find even a bit of happiness? or just pretend? and she comes here infecting other people's aura... But like i have said, i will be optimistic and i won't let her get under my skin. She will eat my dust this year.
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@djbtol (5498)
• United States
4 Jan 12
It was her day, hour or moment to be grumpy. We all have them. The holidays bring lots of things to our life, but there is no absolute guarantee that we will come out smiling when they are done. Be patient.
4 Jan 12
I do feel that how we conduct ourselves in our interactions with others has an effect on those people and others around us. If we have a positive frame of mind then this will be picked up by others and hopefully projected by them. Another example I have noticed whilst driving is that if I let someone out of a side road, they, likewise seem to mirror this example and let other drivers out.
@topffer (36063)
• Svalbard And Jan Mayen
4 Jan 12
If the humanity is about to end, maybe she has some reasons to be grumpy. Everyone can't be happy everyday, but I am sure that your smiles and positive attitude will make her smile before the end of the world. Stay optimistic
@1hopefulman (32461)
• Canada
4 Jan 12
Just like we shouldn't let other drivers decide how we drive our cars, so we shouldn't let other people decide our life for us. They want to be grumpy, that's their business. No reason for us to be grumpy. Life's made to enjoy and that's what we will do!
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
4 Jan 12
First of all, the world isn't going to end in 2012 and ANYONE WHO THINKS SO IS A COMPLETE NAIVE FOOL! But I do agree with everything else. There are going to be a lot of people who cannot find the least bit of happiness no matter what they turn. In fact it is almost that they are going to find joy in not being happy and really bringing everyone else down with them. It is extremely frustrating, but that is just the way that things are going to say the very least. I hope for nothing but the best. A nice year that 2012 and I'll be especially be happy on December 22nd 2012, at the joy of people being wrong yet again about the world for ending. Still there are people who really need to find the a lot more happiness. And they feel the need to drag people down with them.
• China
4 Jan 12
Hi,jazel,I'm a materialist.I don't believe in Mayan prophecies. if there is a disastr come true some day in2012,I think I will be optimistic as you.I wiil tell those who in grumpy that there is no use to be angry.the power of the human is negligible compare to the natrue,let it all go with the flow.
@himzey (1321)
• India
4 Jan 12
Yeah..!! Thats' the spirit. Screw those predictions. May be there is no further date in Mayan calendar cause they themselves were wiped out before publishing it.. lol.. And even if the world comes to an end thank God there wont be any more college stuff for me to worry about. How nice it would be to be the last one alive, the last one of your kind... :D
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
4 Jan 12
yay for jazel, me too lets infect people with happiness and stop all the grumpy people meesing with our happy life, we are stronger than they are so lets do it....