Are you happy with new Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 ?

@krizis (42)
January 4, 2012 4:06am CST
I update my Firefox to 9.0.1 and i can see is better now. I like the new speed of my browser. Only thing i dont like is i need to wait for my plugins to update. That can take some time..
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@rajeev075 (1936)
• India
9 Jan 12
Though i did't visit websites with Firefox i am fan of Chrome bcoz of it simplicity and fast speed and other things. I had in mu computer firefox 8 and i think will get this new 9th version soon from my friends who download it. I better will check how it works as firefox 8 is dumb and no improvement from what i had older version firefox 5. It still open slow and take too mcuh time to load pages. In slow connection it didn't work well. Guess the new version will be better.
@krizis (42)
• Bulgaria
9 Jan 12
I use Chrome too, yes is fast and nice for browsing. But i use a lot of plugins in firefox and that make my live easier. This the main reason to use a firefox.
• India
23 May 12
I install mozilla firefox browser and I see it is better than Internet Explorer.
• United States
9 Jan 12
I actually haven't updated mine yet. But I appreciate you all letting me know that it's working well.
• Indonesia
4 Jan 12
Yeah, It was automatic update....about a week ago. Overall the newest Fox, has good speed and until now, I never getting crash and close all browser by itself, not like before. I think Firefox 9.0.1 very good to do multitasking, reliable and good performance. I'm wondering, what benefits they get by giving all of us free download ? Of course it's another topic