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United States
January 4, 2012 3:12pm CST
I'm trying to figure out why would anyone sell a profitable website? Or is there anyone in the business of buying and selling websites?
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@macanan (153)
• Indonesia
4 Jan 12
yes, you can sel you site and make good money from it. many people now have many blos and the make it for business, selling and buying. and flippa is one of the best place for slleing blog. but you cant sell free blog like webly, blogspot, wordpres. only paid blod and with good [age rank and alexa rank. it means you have to develop your blog frist before selling it
@smacksman (6074)
4 Jan 12
You want to check out to see how many websites change hands. Amazing! The really interesting page to look at is the list of the sites just sold. They range from tens of dollars to ten of thousands! Some people make their living by making sites and then selling them. It is also interesting to read why people are selling them and also the questions asked by potential buyers. Most educational.
4 Jan 12
Look up "website flipping" - it's a standard business. Much like in real estate (property), people buy a potentially-interesting site then either sell it at a profit to someone who'll develop it (if the site name's good, for instance) or develop it a bit themselves, then sell it on. Like any kind of investment, it's all to do with ROI.
@jaderamirez (1031)
• Philippines
4 Jan 12
Hello, they are selling their profitable websites because that is their business. They make a website and sell it if they already gain page rank and attract more visitors. They will make big profit out of this because they can double or triple the price.
4 Jan 12
What makes you ask this question? Well you can sell a profitable site if you want to make 10 months+ of your revenue in a single sell. Plenty of people sell their profitable sites. Some are scams, but not all. You just need to know what to look for. I've made money selling sites without revenue. I buy for maybe $10 and find a buyer for $30. That's like 300% on your investment. Not bad.