How do people know about mylot.....any idea other than this???

January 5, 2012 3:33pm CST
have anyone ever noticed where did the members of mylot came and join, means how they get news and earning about mylot. Seriously, I think it's us, all the members of mylot. We are the one who talks to our friends, neighbours, girlfriends, elders, sisters, perhaps grandparents and pets about mylot, when our first earning came(dream for grandparents, to earn from home while chatting), when our disscussions grabbed maximum people responces and when you found solution for your problem while disscussing.... I have also done this, many friends got my story and many had joined and many of them got their first earning. And they talked about mylot to their families, friends, neighbours etc. and so on.... So how many people you told about mylot.....hundreds.....nice work dude, and you.......not a single person.......what?not a single, com'on go and shout it loud, cause adding people to mylot can increase your earning double and you may get appreciation for this work
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@Hatley (164524)
• Garden Grove, California
5 Jan 12
hi spyboysatya Some of us came here from lucking out in our browsing the net. I had just retired and was bored silly and also need some more income with no more checks coming in every two weeks. my social security check was laughable so found mylot read all the information and liked it so much I am here going on my fifth year.,I have told countless people about mylot so su rely some have come here from my suggestions.But I do not do referrals as people as referrals are too unpredictable.they come they do not strike it rich so they leave not knowing the reak mylot at all.
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• Russian Federation
6 Jan 12
Yes, but i have known about myLot on the internet. (on site i don't remember lol) But as for me i don't know people that can join and work with me. This is sad. :( Glad for thoers that have these people who can join.
@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
5 Jan 12
MyLot members came here for first time by following reason: 1. Want to earn extra cents (all of us .... he he he ) 2. Recommended by family, friend, other sites 3. Accidentally found it when googling 4. Just want to spam 5. Want to learn 6. When investigate other site I came here (join) for first time because number 6, 1, and 5. But after few months my reason change little bit, just want to enjoy discussion without disturb by spammer