January 6, 2012 10:07am CST
hi how are you my all brotherssssssss please tell me know earning i am aa new user please help me
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7 Jan 12
Hmmm Me also New ............... Tell us some thing for to earning ...............
@ucha14 (531)
• Indonesia
7 Jan 12
right friend. you can earn in this by respond to discussion of the other. example you respond my discussion. you can earn money. or you can work tasks or can create discuss
• Russian Federation
6 Jan 12
Hello there. I am pretty fine. How about you? You should participate in discuttions or start them,do tasks... Welcome to myLop. :)
6 Jan 12
If you mean how do you make money on MyLot, it's very simple. You just need to respond to discussions and maybe start some of your own. MyLot only pay for quality discussions, so you need to take care that your spelling and grammar are OK and that your responses are relevant to the discussion. Also read the TOS, a lot of new starters don't, and end up breaking the rules as a result. Hope this helps.