...I am sometimes weary

January 7, 2012 8:47am CST
There are times that I post up a discussion and I receive some responses that make me weary. I get it that people have their own opinion and they differ from mine. But sometimes, some respondents feel that the matter of the discussion isn't worth discussing. It makes me more tempted not to post a comment because I might say something that will spark something nasty. I make it a point to comment objectively at every response but sometimes the message of the response make me want to skip and put the discussion into hiatus. I know that some respondents don't bother to come back to the discussion and while some are eager to continue it. People, even here, will agree to disagree but sometimes, it is a relief that someone here also understand why my point if view is like and not just criticize. Two cents.
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@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
8 Jan 12
I have encountered that in my discussions and on the responses I made on various discussions started by other myLotters. At first it really get into my nerves. But then I realize that it isn't worth if I want to stay here longer I should accept and respect that we all have different views about life and things. We cannot make everyone agree to what we think is right.
@Hatley (164448)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Jan 12
hi jeannyvonne as long as people are pleasant in their differing view I do not understand why you are upset.a discussion is up for discussing and in any kind of conversation even with friend some might see a different view but in showing it that should not be looked at as a criticism . If someone is insulting that is a criticism and you are right to report it but if you are looking at your problem and say I think such and such will fix it, and I come back well yes that would work but did you think of trying so and so? look thats just my idea, then that person is not being critical at all , she or he is just expressing a different thought in the matter.really if you feel you got an insulting criticism do report it.