If you were a boss, what will you be?

@Devilova (5396)
January 7, 2012 12:33pm CST
If you have a chance to be a boss or get in charge to couple peoples in the work. What act will you choose? To be an officer or to be a leader. I believe you know the different.
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• United Arab Emirates
29 Nov 12
An officer only supervises those who are under him while a leader, he also does what an officer does and empower his subordinates to eventually become a leader like him or even better. If given the chance, I prefer to be a leader.
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
29 Nov 12
What I have mean in here is about the act. Act of officer is more stricted rather then a leader. That's why, a leader will be more close with the bellow rather then an officer.
@tenrajj (911)
• Bhutan
7 Jan 12
Well, people don't become boss easily. To be a boss, one must of have quality of being boss. So being a boss, one must show examples to the followers or the members. One must have a good socializing skills with good communication skills. He/she must coordinate and manage members properly without hurting their sentiments. He/she should not at all be harsh to them. As different people thinks differently, what I pointed out will surely be opposite to some other must be thinking.
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 12
I write "if" that mean any possibility.Would you be like what you have said on your respond?
@pumpkinjam (5800)
• United Kingdom
21 Jan 16
I would like to think I'd be a leader. I'd know the job inside out, and I'd know what's expected of my subordinates because I'll do the same things. I would work alongside those whom I was leading, and lead by example.