i keep planning things but i am not able to follow them

@hotsummer (10449)
January 9, 2012 4:24am CST
i do like making plans but my problem is to stick with those plans. like i would try to list the kind of foods i would be eating daily. and those foods i should try to avoid. but i just end up doing the same things. eating those foods that are not good for me. i am just lazy to prepare those healthy foods. i do plan to eat oats in the morning for a long time. but still i have not done them at all.
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• India
11 Jan 12
as you do so i. whats big in this every one make them and do not follow them all.on every new year we all take resolutions and make promise to complete them all, but somewhat unable to make them complete.
@Theresaaiza (10484)
• Australia
10 Jan 12
Same sentiments here, my dear. TO make matters worse, I seem to not have the finances to buy good food and so I end up with the usual canned goods since I can store them longer. There's only so much I can keep fresh at home without a working refrigerator. It broke down couple of years ago and I don't have the means to get it fixed. It's so terrible to be broke.
@parascevi (314)
• Greece
9 Jan 12
I think that most of us are like you, doing small plans about daily habits,nutrition,diets,exercise and other small tiny daily things that we want to avoid or intead add in our life. But unfortunately we can not follow these plans and end up in the beginning and old habits.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
9 Jan 12
It can be challenging to eat healthy foods and not your favorite foods. Yo have the knowledge of what is a healthy meal. It can take more time to prepare a plate of fresh fruit than eat a packet of fast food placed in the microwave. My mom likes to eat porridge for her breakfast. She adds pieces of fruit on top of it. It is made from oats I think. She finds it a feeling breakfast which sets her up well for the day. When you shop you should buy the healthy ingredients. Good luck with following through with your plans.
@cearn25 (3460)
• Philippines
9 Jan 12
In our minds we plan many things. Plans that are for our own good. We have high expectations. But somehow we can't seem to do it because we are lazy doing it. I am also like that. I have plans and have done it but not right away.
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
9 Jan 12
hello, If you wont start it you will not involve to it. I know how difficult to change what you used to do but if you want something change. Do it in yourself. You must be inspired and fight for that laziness that you feel because it will not do better to you. Good luck!
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
9 Jan 12
I know many people who make these grand plans(or not so grand plans) and really do not follow through all that much. Therefore, they have this idea in their head but by the time they get to that point, rather big or small, they tend to stray right off of the path and not really do what they had intended to really do in the first place. I think that there are times where my plans, no matter how much I prepare for them, do tend to take a bit of a detour to say the very least. No matter what step I take, they twist, they turn, into something that I had not intended to go on. The path that I travel is often times contorted into something that I had not intended and there are times where I have to just go with the flow, as I readjust the plan and hopefully get back on track.
@doggydimon (1372)
• Philippines
9 Jan 12
We have the same problem. I keep on planning ahead may it be about my health, budget or trips but nothing seems to go as I've planned. I dunno why. Maybe next time, I will plan the things that shouldn't be done and maybe that way I can really do the things that must be done...hahaha...
@macanan (153)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 12
me too. i ofetn break my own rule. i know it is bad habits, but i am not good and strong enough to make myself be discipline and stick on rule.