God as a dictator? or God and his self fulfiling prophecy?

January 9, 2012 4:57pm CST
I've read the first couple of pages of an old yellow thin-papered bible and I thought of something. First God gave Adam and Eve paradise to stay in, as a sort of hotel full of luxury, but with some restrictions and rules. God forbade his visitors to eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and of the tree of etenal life. As most of you probably know, Eve could not resist the temptation and ate an apple from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God noticed (because they had covered up their private parts) and got mad and they wanted to eat from the tree of eternal life too, but god didn't let that happen, because he chased them out of paradise before they could. Doesn't that make God a dictator, who's actually afraid of his own position, seen the fact that he has knowledge of good and evil and he has the eternal life. Why is god so afraid of his position? Why did god chase two of his own creatures out of paradise, so he created them and therefore also their sins (no, they weren't free yet, that was only after they were chased from paradise), so god created Eve to give into the seductive ways of the snake. Isn't that a sort of self fulfilling prophecy of god? Why pretend that you give something to someone, if you know you're going to take it away afterwards anyway. It's like giving a kid a dog and then afterwards say, but you didn't eat your vegetables, so the dog has to go again. I would like to see your view on this.
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• Philippines
21 Jan 12
When God created Adan and Eve,they were living in the perfect place Garden of Eden. There is fruit the tree of knowledge,the good and Evil. Now,God said to not eat the fruit ,because if they will eat they will die ,and that is because of they sin against/disobey God.. God truly taste their obedient to Him. Now,the snake can speak before,said to them eat and thou shalt not die Satan said,God said thou shalt surely die if they will eat.. What they do was ,eating the fruit,after they eat,they hide because they know that they were guilty,disobey,and sin.. So sin start from Adan and Even and the payment of that is sin..So God knows that already that they will sin,and God already prepared Jesus to die for sins before they were created .. Genesis chapter 2 it says all and chapter 3 :15 about Jesus prophecy.. They know what is sin after they eaten the fruits..
@PastorP (1174)
• United States
19 Jan 12
Greetings denniechantrain. First, it was not an apple. How do you know God mad? The text does not say that. It is more like He got sad. You ask, ...Doesn't that make God a dictator, who's actually afraid of his own position,... That's not why God did what He did. C'mon. He's God. Nothing and no one can top Him. What happened there was God protected them from eating of the Tree of Life so mankind would not be without remedy in that sinful state. There's nothing "self-fulfilling" here either. Both Eve and Adam had their own will. You wrote ...Why pretend that you give something to someone, if you know you're going to take it away afterwards anyway? That was not the case at all, not at all! The problem in Genesis 3 is not God, but people like you and me.
@angelako (280)
• Italy
10 Jan 12
For me God is not a dictator,He only has just a plan for everyone of us,but he let us decide what we have to do because He give us free will to think.And God loves as alot and no need to question to that.