Chrome Is Most Secure of the Top Three Browsers, Study Finds

January 9, 2012 7:34pm CST
Hi guys, I just want to share this information to you. I have been a regular user of Firefox browser and right now after reading this article, it seems that Google chrome browser is starting to make a name in the market in terms of its security. Chrome was named the most secure of the top three browsers by security firm, not to mention that it officially surpass Firefox to assume the No. 2 position in market share. Please share your thoughts about this guys. Source:
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@nahidbd (731)
• Bangladesh
10 Jan 12
In my poinion firefox is the best browser. It is used by most people around the world. It is also used in most corporate companies where security is a great issue.
@rajeev075 (1936)
• India
10 Jan 12
braveheart07 When i came to use internet i wan not know what a browser is. There were only two browser then i came across. Since most of the internet owner at the time used IE as it comes with computer mean window os(mostly used). So i was using it but it was frustraing when i got firfox to use in a cyber cafe. I prefer it and then every where i go if i didn't find firefox i donwload it and then use it. There after my entry to college i was using firefox then i came to know about thje chrome installed and then it was not so stable so i left it out . I used 2 year more firfox but a day my firfox was crshing too much i switch to better chrome and since then i feel good with crhome it is more reliable and secure. The article you metined i had also read it and it is great that chrome is spreding and will go top. Since Chrome is superfast and is have simple interface to use i prefer it over any browser. With amny functionalities like apps and other it is great to use.