About animals

@kram60 (51)
January 12, 2012 9:37am CST
Hi friends Can somebody clarify whether It is true that animals are color blind?
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@mahanthi (28)
12 Jan 12
Not all the animals are color blind . But, there are animals which are color blind. Say for example there are humans which are also considered as a special category of animals are not color blind.
@kram60 (51)
• India
12 Jan 12
But recently I read in an article that cats and dogs are not color blind as previously believed.
@owlwings (39050)
• Cambridge, England
12 Jan 12
Very few animals are colour blind and many have far better vision than us. Cats and dogs rely far less on colour than we do and, although they don't see colours the way we do, they are not colour blind. Colours which, to us, are bright and very distinct - red, yellow, blue, green - would appear less bright and more 'samey' if we could see them as a dog or a cat does. There might not appear to be as much difference between red, yellow and orange as we can see and blues and greens might also appear much the same. Most birds, on the other hand, - especially those with bright plumage - are far more sensitive to colour than we are and some can see colours which we can't (into the near ultra-violet and infra-red, for example).