Going About Publishing A Book?

United States
January 12, 2012 8:47pm CST
Hello, everyone. I'm trying to write a book, and was just wondering in advance how you go about getting a publisher to agree to publish your work. Any help would be really appreciated.
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@koopharper (6900)
• Canada
13 Jan 12
First things first. If you've never written a book before, write the full manuscript. Until you've taken that step you are just spinning your wheels. Then you have a lot of editing and polishing to do. I work through Writing.com and Book Junkies on Facebook. I don't have a book published yet. I have a manuscript though and I'm working at getting it ready for a publisher to look at it. I have a publisher in mind who has published first time books from two of my friends. It's a lot of work but I think it is going to pay off.
@arjunm (439)
• India
13 Jan 12
Yes you definitely write a book and go to the publisher. there you will free asked to him whatever you know that. in case of your writing is applicable for the content. when he will publish to your book. what charges he apply for the book etc.
@Mashnn (4503)
13 Jan 12
There are websites that can help, one of them is e-book. Try to search for it and find out what are the requirements. Wish you best of luck.
@mensab (4206)
• Philippines
13 Jan 12
have your "book" prepared to be submitted to various publishers. a summary or synopsis of chapters will suffice usually. or a well-written first chapter will also do. then, scout for possible publishers. there are many friendly publishers who are looking for beginning and aspiring writers. the internet is full of those sites. first things first, have your idea written in a form that can arouse interest in publishers. wish you luck.
@gloamglozer (1285)
• Australia
13 Jan 12
I haven't published a book myself, but I have had someone who has do a talk when I was at school. Basically, it's about knowing the right people. You need to know people close or has contacts with publishers to increase your chance of getting your work through for them to look at. That's all I remember.