Disappointments with My Assistants

January 15, 2012 6:01am CST
Friends... I am quite disappointed with the people that i have entrusted. I used to be a choral director but due to age, distance and financial issues, i needed to endorse my function to two members whom i have entrusted to handle the group upon my resignation. Apart from training these two people, i even had them enrolled to music schools so that they can impart their knowledge to their peers. I had been away from the group for more than 5 years. Sadly, i have not been happy with the people that i have entrusted with. The other one, after i left, also had been inactive with the group because she had to attend to her sickly mother, which is actually understandable... To be honest, i still am disappointed because i was pining for her teach the peers which she was not able to accomplish at all. The other one actually handled the group but the senior members gave me reports that their new choral director is such a slow moe, always late in church service, explains too much in choral practice such that it gets really boring.. In other words, it was very incomparable to what i had been to them. And for this, they had yearned for me to come back... but i really couldnt because i no longer have the stamina to teach apart from other reasons. There was this seminar that i told him to attend to so that he can learn further. He didnt feel like attending to it because he already has schedules for football training! To be honest again, he is much too old to engage in strenous sports like football.. in fact, he gets strained up twice in a month due to these football things. I didnt feel his sincerity to grow further in the hopes that i wanted him to be. Many times i felt that it has been a mistake to have entrusted this important responsibility to them. They were trained for this and sadly, they have fallen short on my expectations. Just the same, i couldnt assume that responsibility anymore. I have always wished that they had been better... Have you somehow experienced these things? Am i wrong to feel disappointed? Should i feel guilty?
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@Muelitz (1592)
• Canada
18 Jan 12
Hi there, we have all have disappointments in life and we all feel bad about it. Only a robot would not feel anything. It should be alright to feel that way but not to the point that it would drain you and blame yourself. We all would like to leave a legacy and would be glad if all our plans go according to plan. But it is not always the case. Maybe you can recommend somebody else to be in charge if the 2 persons you relied upon is not able to do it anymore. I hope everything goes well! Cheers