boggles the mind!

@jazel_juan (15767)
January 16, 2012 12:32am CST
Mama... why do we give flowers to the dead? which is stronger - bullet ants or fire ants? type of a bird - angry bird! and these were just a few of my kid's questions and it makes me laugh to tears when i heard these! with the flowers.. i told him that we give flowers to the dead for respect and he said - so they will stand and be alive? lol as for the ants.. - i told him i will google it first hahahah and he said, what is google? and i told him it is a search engine and he said what is a search engine? and the questions goes on and on! and yes angry we were reviewing and i said give me a name of a bird and he blurted out - angry birds!
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• Philippines
5 Feb 12
kids are really eager to learn. I envy them. They don't stick to the knowledge they currently have. Instead they still ask questions just to learn about things. We should learn from them.
@sid556 (31003)
• United States
16 Jan 12
OMG...I remember all those questions all too well!! My girls were in that stage before we had a computer. I used to do my best to answer them but I will say that they often had me stumped for answers. I would tell them that I really didn't know but it was an interesting question and to write it down and look it up the next time we visited the library. And we really did look up many of their questions. I think I learned as much in raising them as they learned from me...maybe more.
@GardenGerty (105221)
• United States
16 Jan 12
He is learning so much and so very curious. It is a great age, but exhausting for the parent who must listen.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
16 Jan 12
You can't beat kids and their little minds, with all the reality type shows on TV these days I can't believe someone hasn't started a new show like they had years ago with Art Linkletter talking to kids, I think it would be a big hit these days...