Vettel not as good as Lewis Hamilton, says Alonso

January 20, 2012 11:51pm CST
A surprising statement made by Alonso.He said that Sebastian Vettel not as good as Lewis Hamilton.In an interview with German magazine Sport-Bild on Wednesday (18 / 1), Alonso issued a different opinion on the achievements on the track F1 Vettel. Alonso saw Vettel toughness is not comparable to the severity of the 2008 world champion, Lewis Hamilton. "Lewis is very fast, aggressive and focus. It is only appropriate entry in history. Meanwhile, Sebastian has not reached that level," said Alonso. "I know he is world champion in two years, but doesn't meant shows something and he is still below Lewis's level,"added the Spaniard rider. It turned out that although Vettel won the 2011 season with a very dominant, but it looks like Alonso is still not satisfied with the performance of the German rider.What do you think about Alonso opinion? I think this going to be tough competition this year with his statement..