What work can I do with this qualification?

January 23, 2012 4:32am CST
I am currently studying a COMpTIA A+ course in IT studying it from home I have been told that it will help me to get into a career in IT but I am wondering now if this is true???? Has anyone on here got this qualification and if so what work/jobs can you get with it?
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@owlwings (39765)
• Cambridge, England
23 Jan 12
The A+ course is a basic qualification for the fields of "enterprise technician, field service technician, PC or support technician and IT administrator". Any job you apply for may acknowledge the qualification but will also want to know what practical experience you have. Usually, a qualification like this is only of much value to an employer if it backs up and validates a period of practical experience. Having a qualification tends to indicate that you have sufficient commitment to and interest in the work rather than, by itself, showing that you are competent. The job market is very competitive. Employers will be looking for may things in a prospective employee: knowledge (both practical and theoretical), the ability to work in a team or on one's own without supervision (depending on the nature of the job), the ability to cope with stress in an emergency, commitment and loyalty, dependability and 'whether your face fits'. A qualification is useful to a certain extent because it demonstrates that your knowledge is likely to be more complete and more organised than if you had just acquired it piecemeal over a period of time.