Scrap Lasagna Anyone?

January 26, 2012 12:51am CST
I have been running out of supplies and I still don't feel like going to the grocery to shop for food. So I had to rummage through my pantry and fridge and see if I can still make a decent meal from what I have. I do have a box of lasagna but no tomato sauce. I have some leftover bacon and two hotdogs. No rice. I have tomato ketchup. A small cube of cheese and cream cheese. I said how can I make a dish from out of these? I don't like tomato ketchup and the only reason I have some in my fridge is because hubby likes it. So I went back to my cupboards and see if there is anything else I can cook. Or heat from the cans. I am no longer interested in corned beef or meatloaf. Then I saw the can of sloppy joe sauce. I read the ingredients and the first on the list is--- tomato puree! So I made a lasagna from sloppy joe sauce, scraps of bacon, the two hotdogs and that small cheese. So far it is edible . Have you ever made anything from ingredients that don't really match?
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
26 Jan 12
make a cheese sauce from the creme cheese and the block of cheese to put over the lasagna noodles! yup, i do it all the time! right now i am making chili with left overs.
• United States
26 Jan 12
Usually when i dont feel like cooking i would order something or if i dont feel like going shopping i would order or go out to eat. I dont think i have made anything from scrap before but seems like you can do it as you have stated what you had and what you could do. I usually always have food in the house and try to stock up on things when the local grocery store in town has some good buy one get one free deals as well but also i have to stock up on meat as well and i did that last weekend so we actually have some food in the house right now to cook but will be running tothe store again to stock up on ground beef. I dont really ever need to find things to make from scrape because i usually always have alot of food in the house but if i had to im sure i could always findsomething to cook in the pantry as there are usually some soups.