Global Economic Crisis

January 26, 2012 10:29am CST
Happy New Year to everyone. Just want to find out what you guys think about the present economic situation in the world. I know a lot of people are experiencing this and some might be currently experiencing being laid off from their jobs and are experiencing depression. I just want to share my own story. Venting out emotions might somehow help me and hearing other people's stories will also help me understand that I am not the only person in the world experiencing the effects of the global economic crisis. Well, my family has business that recently got bankrupt. My family right now is in a financial crisis and worst is that my brothers are still undergraduates but they already have kids of their own and they still depend on my mother to support them. We are 4 siblings, my sister is in Germany and she is also struggling just like me financially. I just texted my mom the other day, asking her how they are. She told me that she was very sorry because we all have to suffer, she wished we could somehow help our younger brother who is still in college. I don't know what to say cause I know I also need help. I have a lot of debts to pay, bills o take care of, a daughter in school and etc.. I wanted to make her feel better but how can I do that when I know what will make everything better is money. My other brother is also undergraduate, I feel sad for him cause he is working very hard for a dealer that pays him below minimum wage. He sometimes doesnt have fare to go to work.At first, he said he was ver ashamed that some of his friends might see him, driving a small truck to deliver goods to different stores in our hometown. He was known to be driving our family car back in the old days but now he is driving a "small truck" to deliver cases of sodas to different stores in our hometown. He goes to work on a bicycle to save up money. There was a time when he doesnt have any money at all so he looked for a way to gain some by drawing tattoos on his coworkers body for a little over 1$. He was very happy cause he already have money for fare to go to work and to buy food for his family. I just can't believe that this is really happening to my family right now and I can'tt do anything big to help. How about you guys? How's life been in the first month of the year for you?
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@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
26 Jan 12
First of all this bad economic is already there since 2008. Although most governments tried to fool us and made us believe this is not true. So many of us spend our savings and there are no savings anymore. I have none and the money I saved for my kids is gone too. If I payed all the bills (no debts and loans anymore) I have about 120 euro left over for 1 month. I have 3 kids (21, 8 and 6 years old) who still study/go to school. From that amount I have to buy food, pay insurances, birthdays, celebrations, shampoo, clothes, shoes etc. It changed me in the way that I don't give to poor people anymore or organisations who collect money for (whatever), I live by the day. My husband lives in Africa, I can't support him or his family because I have my own bills to pay. There are no costs I can save at anymore (magazines, newspaper, phone, etc etc we don't have anymore.). It's the way it is. I feel sorry for your mother but I think you should be honest. Tell her you can not support her. If you have the possibility for that at a certain time you can better surprise her with that as to make promises you can't keep.
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