How do you make a fence dog proof for keeping them in?

United States
January 29, 2012 5:59pm CST
I am buying a house that has a fenced in back yard and I have a dog that loves to dig. I do not want her to dig under the fence but also want her to be able to get exercise.I am thinking about getting chicken wire and lay it down next to the fence and staple or other wise attach it to the existing fence and then bury the rest so that is our dog digs she will not be able to dig through the chicken wire. Are there any other ways that you can think of to keep a dog in a fence?
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@perdy123 (15)
21 Feb 12
alot of dogs like to dig, maybe provide a small area in your yard where the dog is permited to dig. digging can be a simptom of boardom, try double the amount of exersise you give you dog, take it different places each time. a garden in not the place for exersise, its just an extention of the house, dogs need to roam, dont be lasy about it, if you are realy short of time maybe try a treadmill, 20 to 30 mins a day will help tire the dog so if you do have to leave the dog in your garden it should just wana pee then rest. i hate to see dogs walkin the streets on their own, my friends next door to me have russels that constantly dig or jump the fence to get out, i have never seen their dog go on walks so its no wonder they wana escape!! i hope you are sucsessful with this advice, i know it sounds daft, but try it you may be supprised, gud luk
@Java09 (3085)
• United States
19 Feb 12
I have a terrier that loves to dig.I have a fence for her,but I don't leave her outside unattended.she would dig under the fence.I'm afraid someone may steal her,she is a friendly dog that don't bark at people.I just stay outside with her.
@deodavid (4150)
• Philippines
30 Jan 12
Hey there oscar, My dog loves to dig too but since most of the time he is in hi cage he can't well for me, i guess i would lay down some cement on the area that she digs on for her to avoid even trying to dig, and you can watch the dog whisperer for help on how to discipline your dog.
@jjzone44 (917)
• United States
30 Jan 12
If you are ok with digging, perhaps a row or two of brick under the fence might be better than chicken wire. The bricks would make a hard surface that the dog would probably not want to dig into, and they cannot get their paws stuck in brick. Another option would be the invisible fence. You could put that a few inches inside the the fence, and that might keep your dog away from the fence. I am not a fan of electronic correction, but many have used it successfully, and it is better than having the dog escape to the street, where worse things can happen.