Preparations for a trip overseas

@maximax8 (28560)
United Kingdom
February 1, 2012 8:10am CST
I went to the hospital yesterday to take my disabled son for an appointment. Afterwards I popped into the wheelchair center to ask how do I fold my son's wheelchair. They showed me how to do this and it seems very complicated. I would have to take the 2 wheels, handle and sides off it. I will have a few practice runs of doing this. I wrote a packing list yesterday evening. I am planning to take a backpack and a small holdall bag. My daughter will carry her tiny backpack. My disabled son will sit in his wheelchair so he is not able to carry any luggage. I am planning to send two parcels out to Argentina to get when I arrive. I realize I had far too much luggage to carry when I went to South Africa in 2009, Canada in 2010 and Colombia in 2011. Tell me about how you prepare for a trip.
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• China
3 Feb 12
dear,no contact for a long time.wish you had all happy days during past years. Argentina is my dream.because this country have many famous football players.messi diego Batistuta,and so on.oh,remember to The Pampas,i think it is a very beatiful sight. by the way,are you an english,as far as i know,england have a bad relation with Argentina.Be careful in your Journey.Haha.
@marguicha (103715)
• Chile
3 Feb 12
I don´t trust parcels that don´t go with me, Maxine. But maybe I´m wrong. Check if there are things that take up a lot of space and weight and that it is less expensive to buy in Argentina. I am thinking about towels, for instance. I never take towels on a trip. I don´t know where you will be staying in Argentina: it much depends on that. Maybe Leo can take some things on his lap. Not too much weight, but it might make him feel more useful. March will be warm here. I might feel it´s a little cold in the morning, but it is because I´like very warm weather. Check the temperature in Cº in March. I usually wear a light sweater at night, nothing else.
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
2 Feb 12
I try to pack as light as possible because I always take my cmaeras and computer so I can work on photos.
@naija4real (1293)
2 Feb 12
I could not afford international trip due to the expenses that goes with it. However, I travelled locally within Nigeria and it was fun although most of Nigerian roads are bad. The federal government of Nigeria promised to repair all federal road but the process had been rather slow since it started.
• United States
1 Feb 12
I actually lay all my clothes out i need then i pack what i need for each outfit and then i try to be able to use shorts more than once and the shoes more than once so im not packing so much and then i can bring t shirts for shorts that match and do that for a couple different outfits and i try and not bring as much so i have room for bringing things back with me as well. Now i do write a list of things that i will need after getting my clothes together and seeing what i will need. Now for the bathroom neccessities i will go through what i have and write down what i dont have so i can make a few purchaes before heading out on my trip. Im sure alot of people do this as well but its the easiest way to do thingsi think.