6 steps to ensnare the hearts of women

@advokatku (4037)
February 2, 2012 3:01am CST
Previous: 1. make sure yourself in neat condition, fragrant and clean. 2. Your financial condition also affects your style. 3. Handsome or ugly, is not important. Which more important is confidence. Actions : 1. See the situation and Conditions: - Try to make eye contact with a women that you like. Keep eye contact until she look back your eyes. Notice how long she's staring you. If more than 3 seconds, it's a good signal to acquainted. - The best condition to acquaint your self to a woman is when she is alone. - observe she, busy or not. If she is busy, wait for the right time. 2. Prepare the words good and polite. - You must believe in yourself. - Move closer to she and say the simple words like "hi", she would be surprise when hear your greeting. Stay relaxed and give your hand with saying your name. If she want, she would immediately shake your hand with saying her name too. - Open talks which relax which makes she comfortable. Examples : "what are you doing here?". In essence it, you must make she be comfortable and confident with you. - Don't ask has a boyfriend or not. 3. Ask her handphone number. Take out your cellphone when you asked her number. If she refuses, saying, "just to add a friend or acquaintance". 4. Send a short messages to she by your handphone in every day. Examples: first day: "Hy, this me, I has acquainted with you this afternoon". If she reply your short messages, continue with regular conversations like: "What are you doing now?", bla bla bla .... In essence, try to make ordinary conversation. Don't direct talk about romance. If she still responds, meaning she's already open with you. 5. Invite She to go out. You can invite she go to the park, watch movies, dining, go to beach, but more better invite to go a private place, so you can chat with she without disturbance other people. 6. Give her some your flattery and some romantic poetry. If she says not like your seduction rag, don't care, because she keep likes cheesy seduction. Essentially, every woman in her every keep like adored and praised by seduction .... If the 6 steps above you run ... congratulations ... You have captured the hearts of women.
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@mammots (3271)
• Philippines
3 Feb 12
hahahahahaha...its really funny...its like a script to a cheap gag show. wherever did you get this information...this is really funny...hahahahaha:)
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
2 Feb 12
Its always interesting how men give advices about what women want. How come men think we don't care if a guy is ugly or handsome? Please men open your eyes we DO care. We also care if you are clean on yourself, are shaved. No we don't like hairy men. It's not true that your financial condition also affects your style. What effects your style is a lack of self esteem. Personally I prefer a clean guy with old clothes and bare feet (as long as he is clean) above a guy with a lot of money wearing a suit that might be expensive but he looks boring/dull in (or one in a million). Hi is a bad thing to say, just like: how do you do or: did we met before. Most men don't know anything about being flattery or about poetry so better keep your mouth shut as saying nonsense (unless you are hunting for a stupid girl who is so full of herself that she only hears what she likes to hear). Men you don't capture a heart by just doing 6 steps. You capture a heart way, way later, after you proved you are honest, you can be trust, you are reliable, you are the one you say you are. And this takes time. And remember: the blah blah, the compliments, the flattery .. and the romantic poetry we all heard it before sooo many times. So better ask yourself: how can I make the difference? BTW if you really have that eye contact better be sure she likes you.. and if so.. skip the rest.
@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
2 Feb 12
i see but now many woman like a man which had much money, had a private home and private car, handsome ..