How to make wife feel secure when she is not around

February 3, 2012 10:00am CST
We had a little boy at last year. Now,my wife with our son are living in hometown and I am working in other city. She always feels insecure. Beacuse there are many single women in my daily life and work, she warry that I will happen something with them. Actually, having deer with female friend or colleague is not avoided in some time. I don't know how to explain with her, that make her feel in secure. Mylotter please give me advise.
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@Dominique25 (9475)
• United States
3 Feb 12
I think a good thing for you to do is talk to her often as much as you can. That way she can see that even though you are not with her you contact her and are thinking about her often. When your not working if you make time for her she will feel more secure and will notice that you don't spend your not outside of work with women. And it's a good idea to keep your distance from the women at work as your wife already feels insecure about it so that way you are just staying on the safe side.
3 Feb 12
I always remind myself to send messages and call her when I have time. And I will go home one time per month. When I with other women, I will tell her what we do to make her feel secure.
@cyclopz (199)
• Philippines
4 Feb 12
I think its quite normal especially when you are away from each other. And it is also a good thing that you want to make her feel secure even if you are away with each other. Well, i guess the key to all relationships is to keep an open communication. You could try to call her sometimes even for the slightest reason like you just want to hear her voice or missing her or you just want to know how she is doing at home. And try to avoid situations that you know that could make her feel insecure even if you think that she wont even know about it.
@yanzalong (10174)
• Indonesia
4 Feb 12
Many wives feel the same as yours. They are just worried about you falling in love or having affair with those girls around your workplace. If you can see her once in a week or twice a month, you can reassure her that you are not that type who can easily falls in love. It's not that easy but in the long run she will be more confident and put more trust on you.
@Bluedoll (17050)
• Canada
4 Feb 12
Just be honest with her and share all your feelings. If you hide your thoughts you will show her there is a reason to be insecure. It is normal to look but it is a concern to do more than look. When you do talk about other woman to her and you feel something or you hear yourself say something you feel you should have not have, then you need to turn your attention to how you feel. It is simple. It is after all not about her. It is about you.
@lekhya (819)
• India
4 Feb 12
After a baby,women feel more insecured.This is because,their beauty get reduced.They get worried.At this time men need to show extra care and concern for them.Else both will be in trouble and worry.U need to try all means to make her happy.Its tough for u as u both stay at different places.But u have to note that,this creates more problems in the relationship.She doesn't know what u are doing there and hence feels insecured.You try to contact her regularly and show concern for her and the baby in your conversation.Try to visit her frequently as she needs u now the most...
@youless (94301)
• Guangzhou, China
4 Feb 12
Women will feel insure sometimes, especially you are away from her. Try to call her whenever you have time. Even if the things you talk about are meaningless, but at least she knows what happens to you everyday. And she feels like that you are not that far away from her. Both of you still have a connection. Good luck! I love China
• Philippines
3 Feb 12
just take a picture of your self with a clock in it this way you'll have more alibi, and then you'll be excuse
@WakeUpKitty (8706)
• Netherlands
3 Feb 12
You can't make your wife feel secure about you or more secure about you. She doesn't know what you are doing and there is no quarantee nothing will ever happen. The only thing you can do is show her you love her, care about her and miss her and you don't cheat on her. Time will tell and make her feel better. I don't know how old your son is now, but also a pregnancy and the birth of your son can give her these feelings. The hormons changed her, the birth changed her, her body is changed. It will take (a lot of) time to get familiar with all those changes, the new life and also you not being present. Give her the time. Here they say 1-1.5 year is normal.