Borrowing an ex-druggie money...

@maezee (34548)
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February 4, 2012 8:45am CST
One of my best childhood friends (who drifted apart from me about 1 year ago) just got out of treatment, she was there for about 30 days I believe. I visited her only once in this time, I guess mainly just because I was freaking out about the whole thing - seeing her life flash before her eyes and whatnot. Her boyfriend dealt drugs, and she became addicted to heroin and meth. At any rate, I felt a little betrayed when she told me about all of this. We are the type of people who need to stay friends forever! And for that I need her to live forever... Or at least till we're both 80 so we can go to Bingo at the nursing home together on Tuesdays. . So, now she is jobless (her job fired her) and she hasn't been going to school (she's a Super-Super senior at her alternative high school). Her car's battery died and she doesn't have the money for a new one, or insurance and tabs for that matter. She came to me and asked me for money for food and cigs. I gave her 2 packs of cigs and told her that's all I could do. She asked again the other day and this time I said no. I have it, but I told her no. And I have two reasons -- because I work my BUTT off for the money I have. She hasn't worked in 30 days+. No offense but she needs to deal with the consequences of her actions -- no one forced her to become addicted to all these drugs. And I also said NO because I Don't necessarily trust what she's spending it on. TRUST has been lost between us since she kept this big secret from me for about an entire YEAR. And because she's a recovering drug addict, relapses are bound to happen. I'm not about to take the risk in supporting her habits, if she does relapse. AM I being insensitive with this?
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@Danjoish (14)
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4 Feb 12
Nah, you're not being insensitive. You're aware of what's going on with her, and you obviously care, but at the same time you're setting boundaries for your own sake and possibly hers. Easier said than done. Well done.