how long will your eyes feel tired after your overbrowsing the websites?

@Leocen (178)
February 5, 2012 6:07am CST
when i watch a drama or TV series that i'm very much into,i would be concentrating on the screen, but your eyes can't stand it for continuously watching~ is there any easy way to relax your eyes? staring green things or looking far away? any good ideas?
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@elmiko (6640)
• United States
8 Apr 13
i've never really paid attention enough to this to find out. there special glasses to prevent this though.
• Philippines
1 Apr 12
It depends. Sometimes my eyes can stay okay for 4 hours. Sometimes just one hours. Sometimes 2 hours. Sometimes my eyes hurt and my head aches too. So I just take a break when my head starts to ache.
@Fishmomma (11423)
• United States
25 Feb 12
I think people should take a break when watching television, reading or spending time on the computer. These things are hard on our eyes. Eye strain can cause people to lose their eye sight. I try to take a break every hour by doing anything that doesn't require using my eyes like laying down, relaxing in a chair, taking a bubble tab or listening to music.
@erjnsimon (1191)
• Makati, Philippines
22 Feb 12
if i simultaeniously watch tv,use my computer, while using my phone for a total of 3 hours above, i will have a headache, maybe because my eyes was exposed to long.
@magtibaygom (4863)
• Philippines
13 Feb 12
If you are watching TV, or browsing websites on the Internet, don't forget to blink your eyes from time to time. It will certainly ease the strain and will really help you prevent eye damage.
@mcart82 (87)
12 Feb 12
I work in customer service, so I am staring and working in dual computer monitors for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week, sometimes 6 days a week. It doesn't bother me, but I have seen some of my coworkers, moving the screen, tilting it back a little, or changing the intensity of illumination, making it a little darker. I have also watched TV series online, 24, Desperate Housewives, Army Wives and more, again I don't feel it hurts my eyes. They also sell screen covers, they look like filters to place on top of the screen to filter some of the light, that may help also. Hope it helps!
@lightrain (167)
• Shijiazhuang, China
6 Feb 12
I am aninternational trader,so I have to face the computer 8hours at least.I wear a radiation-protecting glass although I am not short-sighted ,before My eyes feel very acid bilges after 2hours of watching computers.but after I wear the glasses ,I feel more comfortable than before!!!!
@my_OSH (44)
• Austria
5 Feb 12
for me I'm using the 20 20 20 rules. Every 20 minutes starring at monitor, took of 20 seconds off with 20 blinks. It will give proper moist to your eyes.
@zaahro (749)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 12
My eyes will stay fresh for five or six hours while browsing the internet, more than it they will get red and I'll fall asleep . Usually I wash my face or just pinch my cheecks or my thigh. It helps me to stay awake and relax . I used to ask my friend to pinch me when I was sleepy in the class
@beamer88 (4267)
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
That's what I do actually. I stare far away. It compensates for your having looked too close to the monitor for some time. But I also make it a point to rest my eyes every 30 minutes or so by closing them for a minute if I know I'd be staring at the monitor for quite a while. I'm not sure if this really helps for everybody but it does for me.