are we chaging while growing up?

@Leocen (178)
February 5, 2012 9:17am CST
we had a primary-school-classmates gathering the other day.i felt surprised our monitor would like to gather us to have a meet,we haven't seen each other for many years.25 of us had been what i imagined ,we are not very talkative ,not that close ,just say something funny when in primary,or showing off youeself now/// my deskmate, i have to say that she turns out a beautiful lady,but she kept telling me that she is in a very famous college in california now, her BF is such a rich cute guy,and etc...she changed a lot...and so did many others,,i wonder what they would think about me...maybe they won't notice me, i'm a nontalkative average plain girl who was ever good at math in primary well it doesn't have to be mentioned.. so will you attend this kind of meet ? when you attend ,did you notice the change?
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@Lucas818 (377)
6 Feb 12
Certainly that people changed, I would said 90% of my friends are! I remember there's a time I went to my secondary schoolmates' gathering. Everyone was so different than before, there're people who likes to be spot light among all, overall, the situation was so phony... I have to say that I really hate it. Yet, just be yourself, no matter what...
@lightrain (167)
• Shijiazhuang, China
6 Feb 12
Yes we are changing every day !you may not know you are differnt from yesterday!it is just like the chiese saying:there are not two leaves in the world which are totally same. We do not have common topic after we seperate for a long long time ,just because we are living in a diffirent envirenment,we have different jobs,different friends,and doing different when we get together again suddenlly,we do not have so manny words for chating ,just like some greetings ,whatis your job now,do you married,how is your BF or GF,and so on. I am a nontalkative too,when we are gathering ,I always keep scilence .And I do not care about what they think of me,before I care these things a lot ,but now I do not,just because we are not the leading role in their life.And whatis more ,they do not even notice you sometimes. And I did not participate in any party during the new year festival,Think it is useless now ,you know a lot of people are intending to brag their richess and expend their social relatioins in the party ,I think it is not their ability,it is their parents' ability ,we are still young,we do not have enough ability now.what we should do now is try to enhance our ability not extend our relations,it is not fixed relation without enough abiliy!!!!
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
5 Feb 12
changing is a part of live, we all grow and we change as we go through our journey, sometimes for the good sometimes not so good and it all depends on the choices we make in our journey and it never ends...