Iceberg or Romaine lettuce, is one better than the other.....

United States
@bjc66bjc (6751)
February 5, 2012 11:57am CST
Hi mylotters, I am not looking for free medical advice just your knowledge or opinions. I was wondering is one better than the other because my daughter was told that iceberg lettuce was not good for us because it contains more water...which did not make sense to me...If water is good for us then whats the problem....can we eat to much lettuce. I like iceberg lettuce better in regular salads and I like romaine in ceasar salads...I don't like the stalky part in either.. I read that the greener the leafy part is the better it is for us, in any lettuce..But I could not find anything about it not being so good for us..I did see that they both were the same in calories, but romaine was higher in ALL other nutrients than the iceberg.. What do you think, have you ever heard that about iceberg lettuce having to much water? one better than the other?...and whats your preference???