Globe Postpaid Subscribers, Raise Your Hands

February 6, 2012 5:47am CST
My mom, my brother and I applied for a postpaid plan in Globe last December. Just a few days after our subscriptions got activated, we began to receive text messages from anonymous numbers. The messages seems to be for advertising different products and services and we have no idea how the hell our numbers landed on their database. Just earlier this afternoon, another text message was sent to my phone advertising about a hotel named Midas Hotel. I replied to the text and asked if what she wants from me and where did they get my number. She replied that she is a telemarketer and she is just doing her job. Her supervisor is the one who provides her the contacts of their prospective clients. I don't know but I believe that Globe Telecom is selling the contact numbers of their subscribers to these kinds of companies. A professor of mine in Business Communications once said that companies get a lot of money from selling private information of their clients to other companies. What do you think of this? Has any of you experienced the say thing as mine?
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@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
7 Feb 12
I think you should contact globe for this issue. I'm not sure if they are capable of blocking specific numbers but they can at least remove your number on any marketing updates. I do not receive such text message since I have a prepaid phone. Probably this is because your phone is in monthly plans.
@dana820 (277)
• Philippines
12 Feb 12
Woah, glad I'm on prepaid. Better let Globe know about it, someone from the "inside" might be selling subscriber info -- terrible violation of privacy.
@Genericbe (1378)
• Philippines
9 Feb 12
I definitely agree with your thoughts regarding this matter. The sharing of yours is an example of " violation of human rights to personal preferences and choices" even regardless of the modern technology at stake. It is very clear of the abuse use of modern technology. I have a friend under postpaid plan has the same situation of yours. Those different spammers or anonymous texters had brought great damage in their marital relationship where her husband entertain numerous suspicions in his mind that his wife has other man and up to that point thinking that this is only a front message for her about the products being sold. But, the truth is that IT has no connection at all in their relationship concerns. I think you can use your evidence of received SMS from those anonymous contractual telemarketers to report this in globe network otherwise you can sue them for those damages. Even that telemarketer is only doing her job, IT is still not an excuse for any of them to freely text you in any way without your own consent and proper information even you do not spend the said loads but the truth of this was added already in your postpaid plans. Thus, If you have any technical proofs about their negative services, even you are under that lock-in period months, you can allowed to waive at all unless they will restrict matters you do not like in the network. This marketing strategy of them is an abuse of personal confidentiality and never they have thought the negative effects it would cause to other people but only for themselves to have better sales. As I have said, We are enjoying the effects of modern technology but not to the point it will let us suffer due to economic crisis, Still, personal choices and confidentiality must prevail at all times and selling of ONE'S PERSONAL PRIVACY, CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS EVEN PERSONAL NUMBERS IS ILLEGAL WITHOUT THE OWNER'S APPROVAL CONSENT AND PROPER KNOWLEDGE. Happy mylotting...
• Philippines
7 Feb 12
Is this for real, I'm really not aware that Telecommunication would sell your contact information. I think they do have the right to respect your privacy. Maybe someone you knew registered your number. I think we shouldn't jump into a conclusion.