cyberstalking- for real?

February 6, 2012 7:33pm CST
yes Cyberstalking is the new trend. only that it's much easier now with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter and search engines as Yahoo and Google. stalkers have found new medium for sending unwanted, pestering and disturbing attention to someone. with just one click they could have all the necessary information about you and affect you with psychological violence. Have you been experiencing such dilemma also? you may not know but the person just right next to you is a stalker.
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
8 Feb 12
You know, cyber stalking is rather something that just makes me shake my head. Just the very concept of it. I have thankfully never experienced it thankfully. And really, when someone stalks someone in real life, they pretty much know the person, have a good idea what they are, and really know what the score is. Cyber stalking is an entirely different kettle of fish. And when someone decides to cyber stalk someone, you might never know who that person on the other end of the screen truly is. It could be someone more dangerous than you hope to be with your amateur cyber stalking actions. There are a lot of people who really should have better things to do with their time, but really they don't.
@dabieO (120)
• Philippines
7 Feb 12
i stalk :) but they Stalk at me too... i know.. so for that.. really dont give my personal info in public even twiiter and FB accounts, nor yahoo... not even pictures.. all are private and visible to my loveones only..
@yanzalong (10171)
• Indonesia
7 Feb 12
Yes, that can happen. Make sure you don't let your personal information publicly known. Stalkers usually know that you have something thye can benefit from. Sometimes I have emails which I don't know who the senders are and how they got to know my emails.
@edsss17 (4398)
• Philippines
7 Feb 12
Yes, that's for real! I know some friends who do cyberstalking (but they don't hurt anybody). They just stalk their crushes. Like look for their photo, and etc.
• Philippines
7 Feb 12
I think this is real. I'm a Cyber Stalker, but not to the extent that I harm the people whom I stalk. I'm just viewing the profile of my crush and the people I know. That's it. What's wrong with it is that if people can't control their obsession with Cyber Stalking.
@Hatley (164447)
• Garden Grove, California
7 Feb 12
hi otakumarie a few years back a young woman mylotter made a discussion about this guy she had never seen but had a lively net thing going and wanted to meet him. but when she did meet him, he was rude, and was into power trips.he would not like something she did or said and would shove her around. but the day came when he slapped ter because she did not want to make out with him,that did it for her. She refused to go out again but the kept up calling her at work, sending her unwanted gifts. it got so bad the young lady's father got a restraining order on the young man. but he kept calling and sending gifts. so the father in desperation moved the whole family to another state. she never came back on mylot . So I imagined she did not want him to find her as she was so frightened of him. I had one on facebook who wanted to meet me.I told him I was old enough to be his grandmother but he seemed to think I was lying, he said age did not matter. well I told him I was 85 and yes age did matter. so I hope I will not hear from him lol lol