Looking forward to taste more types of coffee.

February 9, 2012 5:18pm CST
A pleasant day dear Fellow Mylotters, I will admit that I am really a coffee lover but although I am, still there are some type and kind of coffees that I was not able to taste yet. And due to this reason, I am looking forward to explore more brands. As my friend have told me, different brands have different taste. As brewed coffee is different from caffe americano, something like that. And because of what she said, I am more eager to taste more different types of coffee and looking forward to have Tim Hortons coffee on my list.
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• Philippines
10 Feb 12
Wow! lucky for you. I love coffee too but unfortunately i can't drink it anymore coz it will build more acids to my body. Its one of the list of foods & drinks that i need to avoid but looking forward someday i can drink a coffee hehehehe... enjoy your coffee adventure
@yanzalong (10174)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 12
There is one very popular and tasty. It's called "Sidikalang" coffee from North Sumaera, Indonesia. There is one also good to taste called "Jempol" coffee from my city where Nestlee is produced.
@sasi1021 (82)
• India
10 Feb 12
There are different types of coffees available in the market. They change according to the price. Good price you spend good taste for you.
@jsl501 (5)
• Malaysia
10 Feb 12
I love coffee...bt never got d chance to taste lots of types. home made i guess...frm our own land..bt still those frm othr parts of the world sound tasty wiht those review on d nets...ermmm
@maezee (33009)
• United States
10 Feb 12
Tim Hortons? I've never heard of that.. I like trying new kinds of coffee too, but I just usually try different flavors - like light roast, french roast, 'breakfast blend', Colombian, dark roast, etc. So far my favorite is Colombian - it is so delicious!!! I could drink that all day!!! As far as brands wise, do you really notice a difference? Most of the coffee I drink I buy because it's on sale or is a generic brand and is a good price. I am afraid if I start drinking the expensive/exotic stuff I will get used to it and then I will have a 'standard' for expensive coffee. lol