Do you play the lottery? Are you going to play the PowerBall?

United States
February 10, 2012 4:47pm CST
I haven't played the lottery in years, so I guess I'll play the Powerball for fun. Never know. Do you play the lottery? Do you wait till it's high to play the lottery? If it's in the mil it doesn't matter to me if its 200 mil or 2 mil. I use to don't wait till its high I just play when I feel up to playing. Everybody keeps talking about it so I just give it a shot, its only a quick pick. If you play do you pick numbers or you just let the machine pick?
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@maezee (32570)
• United States
11 Feb 12
I'm not really big into Powerball, but I'll admit I bought one for the drawing later tonight. I heard it's up to 310 million, and counting. My dad pointed out to me earlier last night that who really cares that it's 310 million? 1 million, even after taxes, would be pretty freakin' sweet. And the less money in the jackpot, that means less people are playing, so your odds are better, right? I heard once that your odds of winning the powerball are slimmer than getting struck by lightening (I think the probability was '1 in 19 billion'). LOL. But I just play for fun, too. You never know! I always have them pick for me. I know some people who like to pick them themselves, but I wouldn't even know what I would pick for them anyway (I am not that superstitiuous). I think I'm going to start playing smaller, state-wide lotteries instead of Powerball. The tickets went up to $2, and that's a little much if you ask me. We have a couple of smaller lotteries, like Hot Lotto and the Gopher 5, and the jackpots are around $50,000-$300,000, so a lot lower than the power ball, but you have a better chance of winning if it's a drawing just from your state. Plus, $300,000 is a pretty good chunk of change... . Anyways good luck to you!!!
@stealthy (8188)
• United States
10 Feb 12
I have been playing Power Ball for several years. I would get two tickets for each drawing and as the big prize got larger I would add two more tickets at different levels until I reached $8. But now that they have increased the price of a ticket to $2, I will only get one ticket from now on. The only reason that I will get one ticket is because I would always play one number where I had chosen the numbers and them get quick picks for each additional number, so I'm not willing to risk that my one chosen number might win if I stopped playing it. But because they doubled the price, I will no longer get the additional quick pick numbers. So they only get $2 from me which used to be the minimum I would get for each drawing and quite often they would get $8 but no more. I wish everyone would do this so they would learn a lesson about doubling their price. Now I get Mega Million tickets, at least one for each drawing again with my numbers and on occasion a quick pick. This is because Mega Million is still $1 per ticket.