Libya my 2nd home

February 13, 2012 8:38am CST
I been to Libya last 2010 you know what? Libya was very beautiful country, but that time when I was in Libya you can feel the fear with their former great leader Ghadaffi he has a lot of big poster that you can't look directly for more than 10 second. I said Libya is beautiful because of their natural resources like oils the heavenly paradise of the desert and some old structures. now I was wondering can they make Libya more beautiful now that gadaffi was gone?
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@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
13 Feb 12
Who knows? The Western countries helped the so called opposition forces but who are they? You see what happens in Tunisia and Egypt. This is not what people wanted, this is not the real freedom. Sometimes it's easy to make a revolution, to destroy the existing system. But it is really hard to build a better place to live.
@egdcltd (6905)
13 Feb 12
Do you think Libya will become a monarchy again? Apparently, Mohammed El Senussi has said he is willing to become king if the Libyan people want it.