growing up while idols changing!

@Leocen (178)
February 15, 2012 6:41am CST
yesterday my friend told me about lady gaga's gonna give a concert this May in HK,and asked me if i'd like to go with him together,well,this remind me of things~ when i was 11,in primary school, i was keen on Jay chou,seems that time,he's the most popular among our teenagers~~and i really was envious those who came to his concerts and i didn't have much savings to pay for that.while i grew up a little, in middle school and i can pay his concert,but i found myself not so into him as i ever was. and i switched my adoration to Super Junior(a singing group from korean with 13 boys).while still,i didn't have enough money to fly to korea watching them 13 singing,and also my time is not i'm over with them, am i switching to lady gaga? eh, kinda, but not only gaga,there're some other singers and stars~~ i'm changing while growing up~~ have you anything similar to share?
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@sishy7 (27640)
• Australia
16 Feb 12
I suppose I don't really have an idol; but I like to listen to any good singer such as Lady Gaga. And as new or different singers come up with great songs, I'd like them too. So it keeps changing what I like depending what's good at the time. Btw, I heard Lady Gaga is coming here too in July. Perhaps on the same tour as HK concert.
@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
15 Feb 12
Yeah that is part of growing up. We experience changes - and that includes the types of music and idols we like... I used to like boy bands and rock bands before, usually when we are in our teens we always like and adore cute and handsome guys singing. But when we are growing up we switch to more worthy songs and singers.