Murtad Club in Malaysia & Singapore

February 18, 2012 10:44am CST
Did you come cross to read about this issue in our country. some ref here i respect the freedom of choosing our religion in Malaysia, but if they actually decided to murtad, they shouldnt be insulting other's religion especially Islam. Majority muslim in Malaysia are Malays, and this kind of issue are very sensitive to our community. It is quite surprising the fact that huge numbers of those who murtad comes from rural area instead than city area like Kuala Lumpur , JB, PEnang etc.. i thought in rural area, exposure on religion are more stronger than Urban area. I wonder why is this happening?
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@yanzalong (10164)
• Indonesia
18 Feb 12
What did they actually do so as to insult other's religion? The Malaysian government should od something about. We have almost similar things in Indonesia and the government quickly responded and investigated the case. If this activity is considered to trouble society, the government will take a quick action against it. As far as I know Malaysia is a peaceful country, where all Muslim live in harmony.
• Malaysia
20 Feb 12
Anybody can be caught by police if they have intention to create provokes, since malaysia is multi racial country, this kind of issue will be highlighted immediately by our citizens who are concern. Religion issue are very sensitive here, but who can stop those stupid who abuse the benefit of internet. They think they cant be trace? Anyway the group has been hacked. But the culprit shud be caught to avoid the same thing repeat again and again
• China
18 Feb 12
Freedom of religion