sudden death of my puppies - virus

February 18, 2012 8:32pm CST
two of my pets(puppies) died. it upsets me a lot. couldn't figure out what is the cause of their death. a friend of mine told me maybe it was because of a parvovirus. what is this kind of virus that kills dogs? does other animals also have this kind of virus???
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@Java09 (3085)
• United States
19 Feb 12
Puppies get sick very very easily. Thats why you should always bring a puppy to the vet for a routine check up until its older. Puppies can catch Parvo very easily, Parvo is highly contagious. Other dogs can carry it to each other. They have a Distemper shot that prevents parvo, but the dog has a chance that it can still get parvo. It could have been a puppy virus. This link can tell you more about sytoms of Bordella Kennel Cough which cause also have been possible.. They give puppies bordella shots too. What type of sytoms did they display? they could give you a clue of what disease they had. I am sorry to hear about your puppies, and I hope that you can get a clue of what was wrong. If you can reply to me with some sytoms, if any, they displayed, I can try to see if I know what it is a sign of.
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• Philippines
20 Feb 12
thanks for the link Java09, i'll check this out on my free time. and i'll be more watchful and careful on my dogs. they were just find that day until then they poo with a mixture of blood..
• Canada
19 Feb 12
You didn't say how old the puppies where. Parvo they DO NOT die suddenly, it is slow and usually painful. The best thing you could have done is to bring the puppies or puppy to the Vet and get a toxicoligy or blood test and find out what it was. If contagious bringing another puppy in the house could be DANGEROUS. Friends try to help but usually they are not a doctor , Vet or lab tech..
@pergammano (7755)
• Canada
19 Feb 12
First, I am very sorry for you loss..truly very sad! If it was "parvo" or technically CPV or CPV2, it is very wise to visit your vet, as it is a virus, and very easily spread, and cautionary cleansing of their habitat areas needed! Often puppies are protected from parvo by "maternal antibodies" whilst they are still suckling...but it is absolutely necessary to get a vaccination, before they are weaned! There is a mutated form of "parvo" or FPV that felines (cats) get, which they should be vaccinated for..but it is NOT as serious as Canine parvo..of which about 91% perished when the disease is contracted! Parvo vaccination is a supplementary innoculation from distemper and your vet will suggest it..and it is highly recommended! Once again, I am truly sorry!