Lord Of The Rings vs. Harry Potter

February 20, 2012 7:37am CST
I have had this healthy discussion with my cousin as to which fantasy world is better. This is setting aside the fact that the films took place on seemingly different periods, but let's just focus on the technicalities of the world of adventure. Don't get me wrong but I love both films... Ok maybe I'm leaning more towards Lord of the Rings, but in the interest of keeping the discussion going, which movie is better? Let me start off with the wizards. HP outnumbers the wizards in LOTR 20 to 1. There are seemingly only 2 wizards in the LOTR movie, Gandalf and Saruman. However, in my opinion, Gandalf was the better wizard compare to any of the wizards in HP. I think that in the fantasy world, Gandalf is the embodiment of a fastasy wizard. He was way better than Dumbledore who did nothing but turn the lights on and off on the first 3 HP films. In which aspect is Harry Potter better than the Lord of the Rings, and vice versa? Keep it clean you guys! Cheers!
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@tonyllenium (6266)
• Italy
29 Mar 12
i think the lord of the rings is better than harry potter as fantasyworld,character but even much more meangful..in reality i never liked too much harry potter also because sometimes it sounds to me a bit stupid!!
• United States
20 Feb 12
yes i do think gandalf was the best wizard of any movie i've seen but then harry potter did have some pretty cool wizards but i have to say that gandalf was my favorite wizard out of any wizard i seen in any movies