Why is it STILL the Basketball Wives?

United States
February 20, 2012 10:48pm CST
If I'm not mistaken... the new season of the Basketball Wives started on vh1 tonight. And also, if I'm not mistaken, most of the women that are on that show aren't basketball wives anymore. Name change needed much?? I can say that I LOVE the clothes and jewelry (especially the shoes) that they wear on that show... but I hate the drama that is always on that show making it a relevant story line that every fan looks for when watching the show. It's ridiculous. But, I loveeeee the fashion line that provides their clothes though LOL
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@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
24 Feb 12
The answer to most questions about TV programming decisions seems to be, "The ratings!" If the show was given a new name, it might lose some former viewers who won't recognize the new title. Can't be having that! The whole reality genre is poorly named in the first place...the shows may not be scripted but they're definitely coached!
• United States
3 Apr 12
Interestingly enough. I can agree with that. Some reality shows I actually watch and enjoy such as Jersey Shore. But, that's because of the many different things that they do. It is unpredictable and funny. Basketballs wives compared to that is not. You can predict where they go.. which is normally to a bunch of different restaurants, each other's homes, spas or they might travel somewhere... other than that and everywhere they go will definitely consist of some form of drama. Lots of opinions can be formulated from watching these shows... I try to remember that they are strictly for entertainment purposes. Thanks for commenting!!
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
21 Feb 12
The Basketball Wives?? Another reality that's not so reality program?? Never heard of it before..(^^) Why is it about their wives???
• United States
3 Apr 12
Yes... it is a show about NBA basketball wives... even though most of them aren't even wives anymore... and it is ok I guess. I only really used to watch the show because of the fashion. I love the jewelry and shoes that they wear on that show... but it is full of drama. Every other episode someone is talking about someone else in their circle to someone or people are arguing and fighting instead of addressing each other like adults. I think that it is ridiculous in every sense of the word, especially to be a show about Black females. But, that's just my opinion.. maybe you should check it out and formulate an opinion for yourself. Different strokes for different folks! =) Thanks for commenting!!