Handwashing clothes with shampoo?

United States
February 22, 2012 1:49pm CST
So i was reading on a website today that offers ways to save money. One way was to use shampoo for handwashing your handwash clothes, They say to use a pinch of it per item. So i was thinking wouldnt it still be sticky if you did this. I think its just something weird to me, i was wondering if there is anyone on here that had done this and how did it turn out for you? I am thinking of just trying different things to save money around the house and want to use them when im buying a house this year.
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@maezee (33009)
• United States
24 Feb 12
I've actually never heard of this at all. I would be concerned that it would turn out sticky, too. Have you tested it at all yet? Maybe you could try it just on one of your shirts that you don't like all that much (so you wouldn't care if it got ruined or something). I honestly do not have the patience to hand wash anything. I work at a dry cleaners, though, so if I have something that is hand-wash only, I usually just dry clean it because, well, I am lazy!
• Philippines
23 Feb 12
there are certain times that i don't have penny in my wallet to buy soap to wash my clothes since shampoo is available i tried to used it. Its soft and smells good to my clothes thanks to shampoo....
@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
22 Feb 12
Well before when I was still studying and had my uniform maintain its color, my friend told me that I should use shampoo for washing my clothes. at first It felt a little bit odd when I heard that but then I tried and it works, the stain on my uniform disappear.,. but I haven't tried using it for hand washing..