Could you, would you?

United States
February 23, 2012 9:55pm CST
I hear and see a lot from people who want to make marijuana legal. Some just think its fun other it's cool. The question is if made legal would you actually smoke it? We all know that inhaling smoke of any kind isn't good for us. Would you smoke it? Drink it as a tea? Bake and cook with it?
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@celticeagle (121073)
• Boise, Idaho
24 Feb 12
Yes, I would! In my own home and not at parties or sharing it with others. Did you see Joan Rivers show when she got stoned? She was being naughty but it was funny. I would buy a browny and probably try other baked products. If it would help me to feel better I would eat arsonic!! Women used to. I think this issue is a private thing and if an adult feels it might help them then go for it. It's legal in Oregon and i could go get some but i would probably get stopped by a cop and put in jail cause it isn't legal here. If I follow the 'everything in moderation' rule I would be okay. Just have to move to Oregon I suppose. There's a cool town near the California border that has a treehouse bed and breakfast. Treesort.
@Monkeyrose (2850)
• Canada
24 Feb 12
yes I would. I prefer to bake with it. by smoking it you are still burning your lungs and inhaling carcinagins.
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• Lenox, Georgia
29 Jul 12
I would not smoke it just because I am terrified of having that feeling. I get a really funny feeling when I have seizures, before I go into one I start having trouble talking correctly, and I feel weird. Hard to explain but I imagine smoking w@@d is the same type of feeling from what I have heard others say. I have never done it and I would be too scared to try I think. I have never been drunk for the same reason, I am terrified of that "feeling". The loopy feeling, LOL. If it was legal my husband would probably do it to help with the pain in his hand. He won't take any pain meds because they are addictive but that he probably would do if it was legal...