do you prefer writing for residuals or upfront payments?

@utopia96 (641)
February 24, 2012 2:50am CST
I have read a poll,I think it is interesting to rewrite it here: -there is so much variety to writing online web contents.the website that suits me best,may not be best for you. tell the world about if you prefer writing for residuals or upfront payments. -do you prefer writing for residuals or upfront payments?. -what website is the best for you to writing?
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@owlwings (39617)
• Cambridge, England
24 Feb 12
I think that most people who take freelance writing seriously would prefer to write for up-front payments and will choose employers who pay sensible amounts for good quality work. People who are just beginning in a freelance writing career may find it easier to start by writing for sites which pay on a 'per thousand views' basis but, if they are any good as writers, they should eventually learn to value their work more highly. It isn't easy to find a good, regular source of employment which pays well for good quality articles and, usually, such employers require evidence of a high standard and of delivery in a timely manner. This is why it may help to establish one's reputation if one starts out by writing for the 'residual payment' type of site because, once you have articles online, you can begin to show prospective employers examples of your work. Sites, such as Triond and Helium are generally better sites to use for anyone thinking seriously of freelance writing because they are moderated quite well and tend to only publish better quality articles. The discipline of moderation will be very useful to a budding writer. It is less easy to recommend specific sites which offer good up-front payments. There are many which offer low payments which may seem attractive at first but, really, only serve to degrade the market in the long run. A freelance writer may take many jobs from many people but will probably eventually end up writing for just a few regular employers on specific topics. Like any job, freelance writing (if it is to be more than just a hobby) can only be economic if one calculates the actual hourly rate, including research time, even though the nature of payment is per article or per 1000 words. It is not sensible to accept much less than $10 an hour for one's work and a good full-time freelance writer will earn a great deal more than this.