Racist comments on ESPN

United States
February 24, 2012 4:43am CST
If you noticed the rising star of Jeremy Lin on NBA, you might also know about such comment of "Chin**k of the Armor" from ESPN commentators. They probably defend themselves trying to be funny at the moment, not intention to degrade any Asian or Chinese, but it already offends majority of Asian communities. Such racist comments just reveal how White Americans downplay minority groups. Although ESPN public apologized for such offensive lines, it already hurt the trust of majority Asian communities. Most of us who is minority truly understand it is hard to get rid of racism.
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• United States
28 Mar 12
How does one define a racist remark? If someone from that race takes offense to it, then it must be a racist comment? White people dont complain about racist remarks made of them, so why does every other race complain about it. Blacks continuisly make racist remarks of whites, and Middle easterns burn the USA flag and make very obscene racist comments of whites and Americans. On most applications there is a race part to fill out. When it comes to blacks it says African American. So does calling them Black mean your making a racist comment???I think people of all races need to get off there pedestals and just get over it. Its only words and if words will cause tension and wars, then we as humans need to cease to exist. There are far more important things to worry and complain and whine about than some stupid irresponsible comment, Just get over it.
@Devilova (5396)
• Indonesia
24 Feb 12
Well, if we live in the liberalism countries. We will face it on everyday, specially for the minority. Cause the line between human rights and freedom to acts almost confuse to be different.
@koopharper (6284)
• Canada
24 Feb 12
It was a stupid thing to say. Apparently the author of it was fired. I think the apology was sincere and we should all move on. I've said insensitive things I regret in the past. I'm glad they are not all held against me.