Do you sometimes make big changes...

@maezee (32553)
United States
February 24, 2012 8:35am CST
..Appearances wise, only to find that NO ONE really notices? It's somewhat disappointing when that happens, isn't it? In the past, I've gotten multiple piercings on my face- which are quite obvious - including tongue, my monroe, and two in my lip - and with my mother and father, EVERY time I had freshly gotten one, I was the one who had to point it out, because they didn't even NOTICE!. Now the other weekend I got extensions - clip in ones - that are the same color as my hair (I should've put up a BEFORE & AFTER picture - you could've told ME if I looked any different), and when I wear them (which is mostly always now), my hair appears to look about 8 inches longer and more layered than before. And I didn't say anything, and I finally gave up and told them after about 4 days that I got extensions. I MEAN, REALLY? How inattentive are some folks? Does this ever happen to you? .
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@loonys (418)
24 Feb 12
I was obsessed with the color of my hair.. They use to notice only if it looked very bad. People are more likely to say bad things than the nice things.