Son of Man /Son of God

@Archaiwy (599)
February 24, 2012 7:51pm CST
Many pieces of Scripture mention that Jesus Christ is Son of God, for example John 1:34. When Jesus Christ spoke to others, he call himself "Son of Man", for example John 3:13. How should we understand these?
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@1hopefulman (34858)
• Canada
26 Feb 12
Jesus had a prehuman existence as God's only-begotten son. As a human He was born through Mary and so he was a son of a human and therefore was a son of man. To offer his life as a ransom for mankind, Jesus had to have the same nature as Adam. He needed to be a corresponding ransom. Matthew 20:28 King James Version (KJV) 28Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.
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@CODYMAC (1357)
• San Diego, California
25 Feb 12
Hello, Archaiwy. He was born son of man and became son of YAHVAH (GOD) when he was baptized. Remenmber that in the Old Testament, when Moses set up the tabernacle the glory of YAHVAH filled it. It was on the first day of the first month. This was the exact day that Yashua was baptized by John. The first day of the first month. Yashua is the WORD of YAHVAH (GOD). In other words, YAHVAH spoke the word, and the word became flesh. He was born twice and the first time was by regular birth. The second time was by the spirit at his baptism. Son of Man, AND the Son of YAHVAH. something we all can have if we are baptized in the name of Yashua, and have hands laid on our heads for the indwelling of the spirit. Hope that you have a great day. May YAHVAH bless you my friend. :)
@Archaiwy (599)
• China
25 Feb 12
Thanks for your explanation.
@axlrate7 (1399)
• Philippines
8 Mar 12
@CODYMAC: That was a good a explanation CODYMAC, I can't build such kind of paragraph because of my poor English, but I'm learning in progress. I also want to give explanation like you are doing for those people who have question and have a open heart to listen in GOD's word.