Teenagers on vacation

@maximax8 (28958)
United Kingdom
February 25, 2012 12:30pm CST
I watch a program about four teenagers going on a trip overseas and their suspicious parents watch what they are up to. At the end of the program the parents show themselves and say they have been watching everything they have been up to. Yesterday I watched one episode. The mom was white and the dad was black. The mom was a stay at home mummy and the dad was a nightclub bouncer. The daughter had got very drunk and banged her head on a door. She had put her drink down and then gone back to it later. When her dad saw her he told her off badly. She walked off and they argued. Then the family made the filming stop. I wonder what the point of them being on television if they would quit in that way. What do you think of the way teenagers behave on vacation? Watching TV have you ever been annoyed with someone quitting a program?
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@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
26 Feb 12
Oh dear another reality show with teenagers!? I have seen World's Strictest parents and some of the teenagers there are pretty full on but this program that you're talking about takes it to a new level. Funny how the parents don't do anything about it while they "watch" their kids and clearly they know it's happening if they wanted it on TV too. So like you said, if you know what's going on and what you're teen is like, why embarrass yourself any further on TV? I have never seen a program end though. That's disappointing Reality shows are absurd, it's funny.
@CODYMAC (1357)
• San Diego, California
26 Feb 12
It really is no surprise what teenagers do when they are not supervised. I had to put up with my older foster brothers always coming home late at night drunk and sometimes with their girlfriends. I was so tire of it I moved to another room. I hated it when they would ask me to lie for them. On the other hand I did a few dumb things when I was younger. But never to that extent.
@Aja103654 (5658)
• Philippines
26 Feb 12
um, i don't think it's really a good idea to leave teenagers on their own during vacations. well, it really depends on the level of maturity and the sense of responsibility of the teenagers that will make them trustworthy enough to be on vacation by themselves.
@yanzalong (10171)
• Indonesia
26 Feb 12
Were teenagers goin on their own? Who was organizing this program? How could parents trust them to do it while there was no one to suprvise coming along with them? I heard such activies organized by schools, and this was okay since teachers came along to jut keep tabs on them.
@TrvlArrngr (4057)
• United States
25 Feb 12
That sounds like trouble. lol. What do you expect from teenagers that are given freedom? I keep a close eye on my teens when we are away but I give them some leeway. I tell them the rope of independence gets longer when they continue to act mature and responsibly but I can roll it in if I catch them doing anything stupid.
• Ireland
25 Feb 12
I can't say I've ever been annoyed about someone quitting a programme. I'd imagine that sometimes it's staged and other times the programme just overreaches for those starring in it. I've actually seen the programme you're on about a few times, when there was absolutely nothing else to watch. I think teenagers on vacation are exactly that, teenagers on vacation. I'm sure any parent would be horrified to see what their teenager got up to on a regular night in their own country, let alone when they're away on holidays where the ante is upped and things are different.
@Timeout (419)
25 Feb 12
Ohhh, I watched that same program the other night, I am Spanish living in England and they went to Spain so I had my radar on to see my country on TV! I don't wanna be harsh but the girl didn't look very smart, I mean who leaves their passport on the floor of a hotel corridor totally unattended? And the way she said "oh my god" when she saw the bathroom flooded with her stuff and the other girls' floating on it along with a toilet roll, she sounded so witless and did nothing to fix it, even when her stuff was there! I really pity hotel chambermaids sometimes. When she smashes her head it was funny though because it wasn't an accident, she really did it on purpose and laughed later. I am sure they tried to avoid the program to go on air, but they couldn't, probably because they signed a contract. I don't know what made them go to the program, but I am sure they knew what they were doing, it's just that they didn't like the results. And they should have thought it better. She is gonna be now "the drunk chav who smashed her head on a door", when she tries to apply for a job that is gonna follow her. I dont know if I would hire her. I think I wouldn't.
@Cranos (273)
• Belgium
25 Feb 12
Well often the teenagers in this program are a bit extreme with drinking, and in the girls' case not wearing clothes... That doesn't mean the majority of teenagers behaves that way on holiday. Normal people might go out a few times but don't spend an entire week on just getting drunk and getting laid. IMO while it's obviously fun, I prefer to do and see some other things as well. Maybe combine it with surfing or other fun activities people often do in tropical countries.